Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sesame Street Ad 4

The Family First Foundation is proud to bring you Biblical Lessons with Bert and Ernie.
The danger with relying on commericals for your funding is much like the dangers of relying on the government for your funding---if you do not tell the lies that they want you to, then your funding is cut off. If Sesame Street was producing loyal Republican and Wall Street supporters, Mitt Romney would never dream of cutting the funding to the show. Unfortunately, Sesame Street brainwashes young children into being kind to one another, and accepting of one another differences. When Sesame Street has to follow the Romney Plan for Commericalized Federal Budget Fund Raising, some of the characters are going to have to change their behavior if they want to keep their jobs. Two of the Muppets who must get their act together are Bert and Ernie. These two friends need to marry women and quit hanging out with one another. And no more signing of internet petitions supporting gay marriage.

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