Wednesday, July 12, 2017

For your witchy convenience

Black cats, poppets, seven plus one packs of candles, cauldrons...

We accept galleons, sickles, knuts, and MasterWitch (tm.)...

Please make your selection...
A witchy vending machine.
Image: The inside of a vending machine with black cats, President Donald J. Trump poppets, eight packs of candles, and black mini-cauldrons.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Journalists are not targets

"I would never encourage violence towards journalists." *wink* *wink*

Just ignore what I actually post and say.
Picture: American's Troll-in-Chief, President Donald J. "Jesus" Trump stands in front of a bull's eye labelled FNN (Fake [Fraud] News Network--today's target is CNN, who will it be tomorrow? Tune in to the President's Twitter account and find out!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Red shirt sacrifice

"Look at the neat red shirt that the High Priest of Traak just gave me. I wonder what this chevron means--probably that I get to go first in the repast."

Red shirt sacrifice
Image: A person holding up a red shirt and showing it to three other people. There is a circle around a pentagram on the floor, and sitting in the middle of the circle is a fat horned smiling demon.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Custom made chalices

And now a word from my sponsor (aka my wife):

Here are some of the chalices that were made recently. There is a large variety of symbols that can be used: Templar cross, Wicca pentacle, triple moon, and horned god. There are also several scrolls that can be applied. We have a variety of glaze colors to choose from; all of them are food safe. The chalices are hand thrown, underglazed and fired, then overglazed and fired a second time. The whole process from start to finish takes seven to eight weeks.

If you are interested in ordering a custom made chalice, check out Khari's Wiccan Treasures on Etsy.

Templar cross blue chalice. 

Templar cross green chalice. 

Wiccan trimple moon pentacle green chalice. 

Here is the selection of glaze colors to choose from. 

Red and black horned god chalice.

Green triple moon chalice. 

Golden brown triple moon chalice. 

Red and black triple moon chalice. 

Blue and green pentacle chalice. 

Blue pentacle chalice. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mexican breakfast

No, it is not a dream--it is a freaky nightmare.
I keep having nightmares of fat Americans who have no idea of what Mexican food is actually supposed to taste like. Americans who seem to think that food with the taste of fried cardboard is somehow representative of what Mexicans eat. I guess that this nightmare was generated by seeing a sign advertising the latest Taco Bell creation--the Waffle Taco. This was designed by an employee making minimum wage, right? Please tell me that it was not the R&D department, and that this is not an idea that cost thousands of dollars to come up with. Because of someone is being paid good money to come up with ideas of how to make Mexican food less Mexican, I would like to apply for the job. My qualifications? Not a single drop of Mexican blood. My biggest weakness? I actually have a clue what Mexican food is supposed to taste like. I suppose that last part ensures that Taco Bell cannot hire me as an inventor in their R&D department...which might be a good thing; after all, who wants to put "invented the waffle taco" on theri resume. Even an unemployed writer like myself have their pride, thank you very much.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Introducing the Higher School of Political Superstitions

Suffering from mad cow disease? Brained by zombies? Unable to grasp simple logic? Flunked all your math and science classes multiple times? Paranoid of people who are different than you are? Whacked in the head repeatedly with a Bible as a child? Can you see Russia from your front porch?

If so, never fear, you can enjoy a promising career in the ever-expanding world of politics.

Here at the Higher School of Political Superstitions, we can teach you everything that you need to know to be a successful politician.

Here is just a small list of some of our great classes taught by instructors who suffer the same mental problems that you do:

How to disguise bribes from lobbyists as campaign donations

How to use a phone

How to take selfies of your sexual organ

How to sound like you are a complete idiot even when you are not

How to completely ignore the wishes of the people who voted for you

How to lie without spraying coffee out of your mouth

How to abuse your interns

How to close the government down while blaming the other guy for not giving into your extortion demands

And many, many more valuable classes that will make you a top notch politician on the fast track to the White House.

All this learning can be yours for the amazingly low price of $666. And best of all, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home. Just mail your check or money order to M. D. Eckstein, Dean of the Higher School of Political Superstitions, and we will send you the first correspondence lesson right away. And in no time at all, you will have a piece of lambskin stating that you are the best politician to screw things up.

Don't wait! Send us your check today!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Loki teaches the Cookie Monster

This clip from Sesame Street cracks me up. The Cookie Monster meets Loki... er, Tom Hiddleston, who both teaches Cookie Monster a lesson about delayed gratification and tricks him. And I think that it is awesome because it is more of the Loki that I know than the comic book/movie version.

(For those who are unaware, yes, I am one of those modern day pagans who have dealings with Loki, the Norse trickster god...who does not seem to be nearly the villain that late Norse mythology made him out to be--in fact, late Norse mythology [and the recording thereof] may have been heavily influenced by Christianity--therefore, I tend to trust my personal experiences more about his true character.)