Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sesame Street Ad 1

Today, Big Bird and the letter H is being brought to you by Hooters.
Yes, that is right boys and girls---Mitt Romney thinks that making Big Bird sell his body to Hooters, along with the letter H, is going to help fix the federal budget. After all, both PBS and the NPR receive funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And such most Americans believe that 1 percent or more goes to the CPB, it is time to chop up Big Bird and dip him into BBQ sauce. Actually, the CPB only recieves .00014 of the federal budget. The Sesame StreetWorkshop claims that the money they recieve from the CPB covers "only a fraction" of the costs of producing Sesame Street. The rest of the funding comes from your parents, other donors, program sales, and the selling of Elmo merchandise. But who are you going to believe Big Bird or a Republican? Remember, if you believe that Big Bird should continue to recieve federal funding, both the Chinese loan sharks and the oil-rich terrorists win, and your mommy and daddy will be forced to plant rice and worship the devil.

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