Pentagram art available on several products.
Besides pimping out my wife's pottery with the photos I take (see the sidebar of this blog), I occasionally put the photos and other artwork that I do on products (T-shirts, coffee mugs, greeting cards, etc.) sold from many few print-on-product services and retailers. You can find my merchandise at the following wonderful websites. Remember that every dollar I earn makes it just that much easier to continue feeding my cats while providing you with entertainment. After all, you would rather have me be a writer, blogger, and artist/photographer than see me have to go back to restaurant work to feed my cats, now wouldn't you?

Products by Morgan Drake Eckstein on CafePress

Products by Morgan Drake Eckstein on Zazzle--
Celtic Soul Magic 
Morgan Drake Eckstein Artwork and Designs (including gag gifts)
Ramalia (coming soon)

Buy art prints and pictures of my artwork on DeviantArt

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  1. Have you considered making or designing dream catchers? I'm interested in purchasing at least one, but probably several in different styles/tribal traditions. TY & BB.
    Rex Baker


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