Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sesame Street Ad 3

Medical Marijuana is proud to bring you Cookie Monster.
Let's be honest. Mitt Romney does have a point---some of the Sesame Street characters would be wonderful for selling tons of products. For instance, if it has sugar in it, Cookie Monster would be your go-to guy. Breakfast cerals, cookies, cakes, cookies, brownies, cookies, danishes, cookies, soda, cookies. If it has sugar, it is yummy. Did I mention that Cookie Monster would be good at selling cookies? Sure, Cookie Monster would not be good at selling fruits and vegatables; but hey, the mark-up on them is not as good as the profit one makes by adding sugar to a food product. Something else Cookie Monster would be good at selling---Medical Marijuana. Given his fondness for cookies (the munchies, perhaps), we all suspect that he has been partaking of the leafy green medicine for a long time.

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