Saturday, September 17, 2011

At least he has a job

Who is that working at Enzo's End Pizzeria?
We all know the economy is bad. People have lost their jobs, and are working wherever they can find work. It is sad, especially when you see someone you know working at a place that is paying them far less than they were previously making.

Today, walking by the Enzo's End Pizzaria, I recognized one of their lower paid workers. He was standing on the roof trying to drum up business. In the rain---I repeat, it was raining! Oh how the mighty have fallen. Take a close look at this employee---do you recognize him? I do.

It is Big Boy!!!
Yes, I am positive that it is Big Boy that they were making stand on the roof in the rain. I could be wrong. Maybe, it is his loser of a cousin---the one that gambles a lot.

Either way, given the state of the economy, it is nice that he has a job. I know a bunch of people who would love to be paid minimum wage to stand out in the rain and try to get customers to go inside and buy a pizza.

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