Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wrong way to protest

How to fail when protesting injustice.
I will admit that I do not understand protestors who riot, burning and looting their own neighborhoods. It makes no sense to me to protest that others are treating you badly, and then go destory your own neighborhood. But I guess that is human nature. Last semester, I took a class covering the development of cities in the United States, and every riot that we looked at in that class happened in the very neighborhood of the class that were protesting that they were being oppressed and taken advantage of. It is ironic that by destorying their own neighborhoods, protestors often make it easier for building projects that further displace them both in location and economical standing. On that note, the current round of protesters must be given a failing grade. Sorry guys, I would love to get behind your cause, but the disturbing lack of foresight scares me.

1 comment:

  1. Methinks, Morgan that possession of foresight and being caught up in destructive mob mentality after the irruption of decades of repressed anger are mutually exclusive things.

    There is no thought here, only reaction. In Qabalistic terms, mostly Yesod, little Hod.

    Reading a little history myself and watching the UK government's methods and measures, these riots were almost inevitable. People have been predicting such things for a while. Sad, but true.



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