Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mexican breakfast

No, it is not a dream--it is a freaky nightmare.
I keep having nightmares of fat Americans who have no idea of what Mexican food is actually supposed to taste like. Americans who seem to think that food with the taste of fried cardboard is somehow representative of what Mexicans eat. I guess that this nightmare was generated by seeing a sign advertising the latest Taco Bell creation--the Waffle Taco. This was designed by an employee making minimum wage, right? Please tell me that it was not the R&D department, and that this is not an idea that cost thousands of dollars to come up with. Because of someone is being paid good money to come up with ideas of how to make Mexican food less Mexican, I would like to apply for the job. My qualifications? Not a single drop of Mexican blood. My biggest weakness? I actually have a clue what Mexican food is supposed to taste like. I suppose that last part ensures that Taco Bell cannot hire me as an inventor in their R&D department...which might be a good thing; after all, who wants to put "invented the waffle taco" on theri resume. Even an unemployed writer like myself have their pride, thank you very much.

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